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iridioPatents patent search and analysis by iridio

iridioPatents integrates in a single platform advanced search, analysis and report generation of patents and patent applications. iridioPatents is a patent search and analysis system oriented to patent analysts. It offers several interesting capabilities in both search and analysis.

Search capabilities include:

  • Patents and applications from USPTO, EPO and WIPO.
  • Technological Surveillance:
    • Currently, the system handles in the fresh index more than 100.000 patents.
    • In a daily basis, iridioPatents updates its contents with the freshly published information of the aforementioned sources.
    • Users can do direct searches over this information, or subscribe to already produced information needs to receive their results daily via RSS.
  • Metasearch:
    • Users can launch their queries directly against the aforementioned sources.
    • These results are stored so the users can employ them in the analysis sub-system.
  • Specialized searches including, among others capabilities:
    • Wildcards.
    • Proximity operators.
    • Boolean operators.

Analysis capabilities include:

  • Share projects, reports and search results among the analysts in your company
  • Organisation of the user content (metasearches, reports, projects) using an intuitive folder-like approach.
  • Assisted report generation:
    • Online text editor to build the reports.
    • It can automatically generate charts including information of the patents inside the projects.
      • Charts can be edited and elaborated. For instance, patents or applications assigned to a particular IPC can be removed.
      • Charts can be made upon one or two variables, including country, IPC, applicants, etc.
      • Charts include bar charts, section charts, matrix diagrams and stacked bar charts.
    • The text of the patents can be automatically included inside the report. Several fields can be included in the report: applicants, inventors, IPC, country, etc.
    • Reports can be downloaded in editable format or in PDF format, ready to print.

Flexible and economic payment system:

  • Subscription includes unlimited search on fresh indices in order to refine your technological surveillance searches
  • Create as many projects as needed and generate unlimited reports.
  • Credit based system to obtain metasearch results: you only will pay one credit per patent of the metasearch results that you previously checked and approved.
  • Easily establish technological surveillance tasks for automatic daily processing and use only 100 credits once.

Product sheet:

iridioPatents patent search and analysis by iridio iridioPatents: patent search and analysis Short description: iridioPatents integrates in a single platform advanced search, analysis and report generation of patents and patent applications.
Rating: 5/ 5
Price: from €41 month

iridioPatents price list patent search and analysis by iridio

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Name: Iridio Information Technologies S.L.
ID: B-70310347
Address: Calle Pensamientos 4, 7D, 15008, A Coruña, Spain
E-mail: info@iridiotech.com
Registered: T 3432 , F 141, S 8, H C 47955